Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamics & Thanatology



Integrated Cranial Biodynamics ~ Graceful Living, a Threshold into Dying/Thanatology ~ Cranial Anatomy ~ Qi Gong



enjoy STUDY time ~ we organize

six study days over two three-day weekends

seminar days being presented in a delightful Salon located in an Art Deco building with views of the castle from the balcony.

Kuny Domokus, Street 4/a ( nearby train station Deli pu )

enjoy VACATION time ~ you organize

four free days for exploring Buda - Pest in-between study weekends maybe relax in the famous Gellert Baths? -

Integrated Cranial Biodynamics ONE

study days September 16 / 17 / 18 & 23 / 24 / 25

overview of ICB ONE can be accessed here.

for further information contact Rosemary


Casa Lucia, Corfu, Greece

a most delightful Sala with fragrances of honeysuckle and sweet jasmine arriving on the breeze from the magical gardens.

Integrated Cranial Biodynamics TWO

pre requisite Integrated Cranial Biodynamics ONE
September 29 / 30 / October 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 six day seminar

overview of ICB TWO can be accessed here.

for further information contact Ageliki

we are smiling at the idea of being in Thailand
towards the end of 2022..


who knows what may occur next to change
thoughts /ideas of being somewhere?

receiving each moment and whatever it brings.
one cannot do more ...

with grace and blessings
the ICB team

GLOBAL DIGITAL ACCESS Contacts for on line seminars and individual tuition


"Student tuition and support for ICB practitioners. Individual appointment time, one to one facilitation and study groups upon request. Sessions based on listening and support for self-inquiry."


On the horizon.... "Exploring different forms of communication, awareness and deep listening between humans and other living beings ~ inter-species communication."


Self-Care ~ Self-help ~ sensing body intelligence. Discovering the inherent ability to support health Listening within revealing Self-empowerment.


“Listen to your body, bring your attention to the present moment.” Offering Medical Qi Gong, one on one sessions and Medical Qi Gong study programs.


"delighted to explore together, flow and space in bodies, mind and heart through Integrated Cranial Biodynamics, Yoga, Osteothai, Coaching."


“Facilitating study groups of five participants, to listen and reflect upon personal experiences of death, professionally, personally. Also feedback and inquiry for existing ICB practitioners and potential ICB students.”


“Exploration of the physical body and that relationship/effect on the mental bodies. Sharing discoveries and perspectives online and in person. Teaching a generalist movement practice (Ido Portal Method), biomechanics, and neuromuscular re-education.” The biodynamic approach has made Michael question all of these modalities. IG = manipulated movement


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