Integrated Cranial Biodynamics & Thanatology

thanatology with gentle touch

the role of a thanatologist in an eclectic world

inquiry into the social, ethical and spiritual implications, regarding the physiological and psychological effects on the body of loss, stress, fear, disbelief, isolation, anger, bargaining, pain, grief, sorrow, depression and despair.

Thanatology - reflection into the issues of death & dying Thanatology - reflection into the issues of death & dying

reflection into the issues of death & dying

can the progression of an illness be affected by one’s fear of death? can exploring our fear of dying, help heal all fears? what is fear? death and dying reflected in the arts, in culture and throughout conditioning.

inquiry and study into the application of gentle hands on techniques: facilitating the release of accumulated stress and of tension : melding into relationship with the fluids and flows of bodily systems, with particular reference to cerebral spinal fluid and of the matrices of the fascial system: reduction of high fever and the alleviation of acute pain may occur during or for some time after ‘session’ time has been completed.

particles of matter - atoms - elements - molecules - cells - tissues - organs - cardiac rate – lymph flow – respiratory rate – cerebral spinal fluid flow - the nervous system ~ the way in which we touch, hear, smell, see, taste, react, fear, emote, memorize, think; causes an effect, causes change in each of these bodily functions, movements, senses.

these issues are among many that will be open for dialog and inquiry.