Integrated Cranial Biodynamics & Thanatology

study program

The practice and application of Integrated Cranial Biodynamics is to work with the underlying forces that oversee how we function. The focus of a biodynamic approach is to cooperatively and respectfully ‘employ’ these organizing forces for both diagnosis and treatment. This has practical implications for the way in which diagnosis and ‘treatment’ are carried out.

Rosemary with leal The dynamic stillness of being

The dynamic stillness of being

Integrated Cranial Biodynamics is a profound healing process which can influence the deeply held patterns of disease - both physical and psychological – which accumulate throughout life as a result of injury or illness and may be subsequently held in the tissues of the body, leading to ill-health and dysfunction. Applying a biodynamic approach has the potential to transform patterns of restriction and resistance at a very fundamental level, thereby stimulating an environment in which health may be restored.

The purpose of Integrated Cranial Biodynamic study programs, is to offer to the student, a gentle and dynamic form, for incorporation into their existing practice. To facilitate this process, the student will become familiar with the significance of integrated gentle touch, through an understanding, an appreciation and a practical application of palpation and the infinite possibilities of communing with the innate intelligence of the body ~ the inner wisdom. Selfinquiry... who and what we ‘think’ we are is mirrored through reflection and
awareness of reaction. The ’art of active listening’ and the principles of balance
are an integral part of all study program presentations.