Integrated Cranial Biodynamics & Thanatology

study program TWO

overview of six day course curriculum ~ 42 hours

pre-requisite, integrated Cranial Biodynamics ONE

space and stillness in the Cranial Field

balance patterns : addictions : equilibrium in movement

inner inquiry personal inner journeying

discovering the infinite subtleties of the flows, the waves, the rises and falls of bodily rhythms

recognizing health

anatomical components of the cranial system cerebral spinal fluid : meningeal membranes : structures related to production, resorption and containment of cerebral spinal fluid : meningeal membrane attachments

temporomandibular joint stress pain tension cycle : feedback loop

facilitated segment a highly excitable segment of the spinal cord

patterns of the cranial base sphenobasilar/junction/synchondrosis

intra-oral assessment the hard palate & its relationship to its articulating bones

holistic evaluation