Integrated Cranial Biodynamics & Thanatology

Integrated Cranial Biodynamics THREE

six day seminar

Innovation and mastery regarding furthering the dynamics and subtleties of Integrated Cranial Biodynamics

Pre –requisite:

Awareness Prejudice Reflection

Being trapped in expectation. Seeing what is, is no easy task

Reflecting upon the self

How we listen, responses most often involve conditioned memory

Allowing the body its potential for change based on the principle of inherent body intelligence

Verbal Dialog

Facilitation via the spoken word

The pitfalls of becoming an advisor

The drawback of suggestion

The art of mirroring

Giving permission / allowing

Emotional soup

Personal Agenda


Central Nervous system

Medical Qi Gong

The role of the Endocrine System

Biodynamics in the cranial field for those in their last days of life.